• Posted by : Andri Yumanda Jul 20, 2017

    Well, i think its too long time to back modding V again but yeah, i've done all my college jov and everything, well my V can load graphic mod since i update Windows 10 to Creators Update ( idk why ;-; ), when i downgrade but still same, cant load ( i think "trash" on creators update still not cleaned yet when downgrade ( why u do dis microsoft >_< ). Well too fukin lazy to full clean install again to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, because i still have much job to do in college, so now after all done, i do it and yeah it works again.
    But i think i'm too late to back modding for now because i think they all leave V for a more reason. Well, the main problem is because OpenIV was disabled officialy by TakeTwo. And the others? I think they are booring, Lol

    Well just to main title, Hamakaze. Well Hamakaze its not my fav chara, i made dis just gabut time ( u can search meaning of gabut xD )
    All pict hamakaze from google, so go for preview right now


    Well thats it, not complete yet, right side still blank lol
    Released later ( maybe ) after all complete 
    Thanks for visited my blog :))))))


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